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The Power of Brand Recognition

Maximum impact through Custom Logo Design

Like a fingerprint, your logo should embody your brand’s spirit and communicate its distinctive identity from the outset. Easily recognizable and completely unforgettable, it must make an immediate and lasting impact right from the start. That’s why a professionally crafted, custom logo design is essential to leaving an indelible mark and establishing your business in the marketplace. At INKO, we believe a dynamic logo is the foundation of your company’s successful brand development and marketing strategy. Our logo design services are the cornerstone of brand development, and it all starts with getting to know each other a little more. So if you’re looking for a logo designer in Jacksonville, Florida, or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter, scroll down to learn how we might be the right fit for you.

Let’s explore what INKO has in store for your Logo Design project!

Awesome logo designs like these start here

Logo design for 6-Pack Supplements of Orange Park, Florida
All Pro Commercial logo design by INKO Creative of Jacksonville
Logo designed by INKO for Detail Dental Kids of Indianapolis, IN
Delta Southern Railroad logo prior to their acquisition created by INKO Creative in Jacksonville, Florida
Forever Smiles logo reconstruction by INKO Creative, Jacksonville
Logo design for Fuller Sound of Marianna, Florida
INKO's logo concept for Outback Crab Shack in St Augustine Florida
Goldie's logo design by INKO of Jacksonville
INKO's logo design for Refinery in Jacksonville Beach
Logo design for William J. Namen Podiatrist serving Jacksonville, Florida
Logo by INKO for Leonard's Garage of Jacksonville Florida.
Logo design for Taddeo Logistics of Jacksonville, Florida
Sample Owens Orthodontics' logo on custom printed tee.
INKO's logo design for ThermaPros of Brunswick, Georgia
Logo example for Kraken Tools developed by INKO Creative in Jacksonville Florida.

Scott and Inga are a dream to work with! They are responsive and professional. They have helped with so many of our business needs from design and logos, developing our concept and marketing material. We are truly grateful to continue to work with such an amazing team!

Kira Blackburn

Refinery Jax Beach

Crafting a logo is so much more than graphic design.

At INKO Creative, we produce custom brand identities anchored by iconic logo design that garners a great lasting impression. Every logo we create is a unique visual expression that helps your target audience identify, remember, and relate to you and your brand promise. Like a quality assurance seal for your business, your logo must provide a unified vision, drive a positive emotional response, and set the expectation of what it means to do business with you. Let’s get to work!


When you choose INKO Creative for your logo design needs, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive logo design services menu, which can include:
  • Strategy session to align your logo with your overarching brand message
  • Up to 3 rounds of revisions to guarantee your satisfaction
  • 1 Finalized design concept tailored to your brand identity
  • Creation of up to 3 Lockups to ensure versatility and consistency – Scalable adaptations for various visual mediums, ensuring seamless brand representation
  • Original typography, if required, to enhance the uniqueness of your logo
  • File format exports including JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF, granting you full ownership and usage rights of the final design
  • Brand guidelines document for consistent brand representation
  • Stationery design to maintain brand consistency across communication channels
  • Optional marketing assets for website and social media integration to elevate your brand presence

How to ensure your logo stands out from the crowd and makes a lasting impact on its audience.

INKO’s process for creating memorable and iconic logo designs utilizes a combination of defined industry markers and your own brand identifiers to ensure your logo targets the right audience to create a positive and indelible impression. Your logo must not only unite and convert people into loyal customers, it should amplify your brand message in a distinct, scalable, and meaningful way. It’s how INKO helps tell your story through instant visualization and builds recognition for your company as one worth doing business with.

In addition to great logo design, INKO offers comprehensive brand development and strategic marketing services. Whether you’re looking for website design or full identity marketing, we work collaboratively with you to deliver your brand message. To see a review examples of some more recent INKO brand stories, visit the link at right.

Their attention to detail in creating and managing my updated brand has taken so much off my plate and allowed me to focus on growing my business.

Danial McHenry

QuickStaff USA

The 5 principles of effective logo design

A compelling logo should embody your brand’s personality, values, and mission. It should be versatile, adaptable, and easily recognizable across various mediums. At INKO Creative, we follow a set of principles that guide our logo design process, ensuring each logo we create achieves the following:

  • Captures the essence of your brand identity and story
  • Balances uniqueness with simplicity and memorability
  • Communicates your brand’s message in an instant
  • Provides adaptability for various marketing assets and mediums
  • Reflects your brand’s vision, values, and personality

What's the value in hiring INKO as your logo designer?

Setting your brand apart.

Your logo represents the face of your brand and serves as a visual representation of your business’s values and offerings. Hiring a professional logo designer is crucial in crafting a logo that authentically communicates your brand story and differentiates you from competitors. At INKO Creative, we are committed to designing unique, captivating logos that embody the essence of our clients’ brands. Our comprehensive logo design services include strategy and critical thinking to ensure that your logo reflects your brand’s values and resonates with your target audience.

Why INKO doesn’t compete with online logo design services:

Unlike online logo design platforms and services, such as Fiverr, Upwork, 99 Designs, Thumbtack or Etsy, we prioritize quality and uniqueness over quantity. Our seasoned professionals work closely with clients to develop iconic designs that are distinctive and tailored to their specific needs. We steer clear of generic templates and canned images, ensuring that each logo we create is a true and distinct representation of our clients’ brand identity and values. If you’re looking for inexpensive or quick, we’re not the design team for you.

Why does a professional logo design matter?

Investing In Your Brand

Your business’s success is built on the foundation of its brand, and investing in a professional logo designer is a crucial step in elevating your brand’s identity and presence. INKO Creative is dedicated to taking the time to understand your unique story, origin, and aspirations, ensuring that every element of your logo design reflects your vision and goals. We don’t just create logos; we craft compelling designs that become the cornerstone of your brand’s identity. Why? Because a keen focus on great design is not only the heart of our brand story, we are just as passionate about your logo as you are. Simply put, we are driven to love your design as much as you do. Through an in-depth discovery process, we channel the soul of your business to create a logo that not only resonates with your target audience but also serves as an iconic symbol you can rally behind. This meticulous approach ensures that your logo is not just visually appealing but also functional and adaptable across all mediums, providing a cohesive and impactful brand representation that always hits the mark.

Looking for other ways to make your mark?

INKO Creative has developed logos and brand strategies for clients in Jacksonville, Florida and throughout the United States for more than 14 years. Since 2009 our creative services have encompassed a variety of project types including brochures and print material design, digital presentations, trade show graphics and exhibit design, as well as copy writing, print coordination, custom services fabrication design/consulting and yes… logo design. Contact us today for a FREE consultation on your next project!
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