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Brand Identity, Web Design & Creative Services – Medical

Located across from Winter Park Memorial Hospital in beautiful Winter Park, Florida, Norma J. Kusnetz MD is a unique brand of concierge medicine that places emphasis on ease of physician access and overall health of mind, body and spirit. Dr. Kusnetz offers patients quality medical care in a comfortable environment and her marketing is a reflection of her vision.

As part Initial program with Dr. Kusnetz the team developed a custom logo design and brand identity marketing including stationery, brochure and advertising specialties. INKO’s continued consulting services with Dr. Kusnetz, includes ongoing strategic marketing, identity marketing services for print and web design, as well as design for social media, new patient development, and creative support for her practices new aesthetic services spa and weight management programs.

Website Design Services

Dr. Kusnetz’ website design is minimalist in visual that puts emphasis on the ease and comfortable nature of services provided by her concierge medical practice. Built on the WordPress CMS framework, the website is custom styled to be consistent with all aspects of her identity marketing and brand. Fluid, user-friendly navigation makes it easy for patients to learn more about Dr. Kuznets’ unique offerings which include medical-grade aesthetics with links through to book an appointment. Additional features of Dr. Kusnetz’ website include to landing page sections which blend seamlessly into her concierge site to allows for direct marketing for her newer Aesthetics and Weight Management programs.

Identity Marketing – Brochure Menu

INKO provided design and production management services for NJK’s Aesthetics services menu, voucher and gift certificate. The new aesthetics stylings blend seamlessly into the existing brand identity and website theming. The new landing page addition to her website includes a link through for patient to book appointment.
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