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Brand Marketing - Jacksonville & Northeast Florida

Julington Creek Pest Control


Meet Julington Creek Pest Control, the trusted local provider of comprehensive turf management and pest control services in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding Northeast areas for more than 30 years! INKO Creative has proudly partnered with Julington Creek Pest Control for more than 13 years now, offering them a variety of brand marketing and creative design services tailored to their needs and showcasing their dedication to service excellence.

Crafting a Local Presence with Unique Branding

INKO’s journey with Julington Creek Pest Control began with a simple yet innovative idea – utilizing their fleet of trucks as an icon for brand marketing and promotion. Recognizing the impact of their eye-catching vehicles, decked with the company name and prominently featuring the American flag, we integrated this visual motif into their branding strategy. The trucks, highly recognizable on the streets of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, have become a powerful symbol of Julington Creek Pest Control’s reach and commitment to exceptional service and reliability.

Armed with this strategy, INKO created Julington Creek Pest Control’s unique and impactful yard signs that showcase their distinctive trucks against the backdrop of a lush green lawn and clear blue skies, reflecting their commitment to maintaining vibrant, pest-free environments for families and businesses in the area. These yard signs, placed after each turf management treatment, serve as powerful advertising tool, further reinforcing their local presence, broad reach of clients and commitment to delivering superior pest management solutions.

Website Development & Copywriting

INKO’s long-standing partnership with Julington Creek Pest Control has involved the development of a visually engaging website that reflects their 30+ year commitment to Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. Our expert web design team produced a compelling site to showcase their dedication to exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Through meticulous copywriting and detailed programming, we communicated their core values and service offerings through development of a robust website which includes comprehensive service scopes, a new service estimate and leads funnel, FAQ, and a reference center with tips on lawn care and common lawn issues, as well as a customer support link for assistance.

Custom Trade Show Booth Design

Our collaboration extended to the design of a custom trade show booth that captured the essence of a vibrant backyard, complete with white picket fencing, lush green turf, engaging cornhole boards, and inviting backyard furniture. This design emphasized Julington Creek Pest Control’s commitment to providing customers with a “greener lawn your neighbors will envy” through their comprehensive lawn treatment program. The booth design stood as a testament to their dedication to enhancing outdoor living experiences for families across the Northeast Florida region.

Amplifying Local Presence & Community Engagement

To amplify Julington Creek Pest Control’s local outreach, INKO’s creative team devised and executed an impactful billboard design, effectively conveying the company’s dedication to delivering top-tier pest management services. INKO Creative also spearheaded the development of promotional giveaways, door hangers, and mailbox stuffers, facilitating an extended customer reach and fostering a strong sense of trust and credibility within the local community.

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