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Effective print, packaging and signage - graphic design with your business in mind.

Good identity marketing conveys a message of strength and security about your product or service. Through consistent use of clean, professional graphic design, theme and message, you’re telling your audience you are a brand that pays attention to detail and will deliver your product or service in the same trustworthy and reliable manner. At INKO, we’re excited at the prospect of helping you to put your best foot forward. To read more on how we can help with your graphic design and identity marketing needs just scroll down!


In addition to enhancing the brand, INKO practices a holistic, top-down strategy to identity marketing – targeting the desired audience while providing pertinent information and graphic design that is visually appealing and easy to understand. With this approach, it is as much about how you do business as looking awesome while doing it!

Carefully crafted brand marketing can endow a new product or service with instant credibility and equity. For a company or business to be taken seriously and become successful, it is imperative to establish and foster positive imagery for brand momentum. While it is INKO’s plan is to cultivate your company’s long-term vision and craft a strategy to meet your objectives for success, it all culminates in great graphic design and the visual representation of your brand.

Through comprehensive brand development of logo, website and identity marketing, INKO tells cohesive and engaging stories that strengthen the brand promise and increase positive awareness for your business. Our expertise in all area of creative services allows us to more effectively engage your audience while delivering a clear and concise brand message. The result, greater awareness of your brand and a boost to your overall brand equity. Just take a look.

In addition to great graphic design, INKO offers comprehensive brand development and strategic marketing services. Website design, brand development, interior theming and even print coordination/consultation. We are your go-to partner for delivering your brand message and helping you INK Positive! To see a review examples of some more recent INKO brand stories, visit the link at right.

INKO proudly offers clients all over the country outstanding creative services in a timely turn-around from their offices located in Jacksonville, Florida. We help clients deliver their message through a variety marketing materials and media including web design, graphic design, electronic communications, sales collateral and print advertising. Our creative graphic design and brand development solutions mean INKO can help you deliver a message that is right on target. Contact us today!

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